"During its emergence, creative work calls for two simultaneous foci - the world and the self, and as a consequence of this double focus every profound work is essentially a microcosmic representation of the world and an unconscious self-portrait at the same time."

Juhani Pallasmaa's  The Thinking Hand

Quentin is a maker of brass and bronze singing bowls, gongs and other forged instruments, working out of a small workshop in Wiltshire.

"The primary intention running through all my instrument making is an attempt to encapsulate or rather to gesture toward in sound, the ineffable. I believe there's a quality to these sounds that incline towards the noetic, inasmuch as they touch the heart, assist us to 'come home' to ourselves and so take us to a place of deeper contemplation. The world falls away, allowing us to dwell if only temporarily, in a place of peace and restoration.

"The work is also about silence; silence, stillness, listening from that stillness and only then, sound - which by its nature points back to the origin out of which it came. I welcome the opportunity to work with any who feel drawn to give singular attention to what these themes have to offer themselves and others."


Singing Bowls

Singing bowls, Tubular bells, Ting-sha.


Groups or one to one tuition.

Sound Sessions

Description of Sound Sessions.